aelfthrytha (aelfthrytha) wrote,

Body Hair

That's right, you read the title correctly. Body hair - I'm very passionate about it, mostly about mine. I haven't shaved on a regular basis in about five years now, and so I've listened to a wide gamut of responses to my choice, including:

People will think you're weird, so you should shave.

You'll never get a boyfriend like that.

Wide eyed stares by: small children and guys trying to check me out.

You should shave, because it's (choose all that apply): dirty, unnatural, unappealing, unattractive, unfeminine, or demonstrative of a low standard of caring about yourself.

Obviously I don't agree with any of these arguments (if you can call them that, they're so flimsy), because my hair is staying, unless I get a whim to cut it off once in a while. Because in this case, I am a 'choice' feminist, and sometimes I do feel like shaving - just not all the time. Hence the choice part - what matters is not keeping the hair all of the time to enforce my standard, but being able to do both when and how I feel like it.

Another benefit: I can weed out potential partners more easily - anyone who would freak out over a little (or a lot) of hair and lose interest, they were never really interested in me anyway, because there are far more extreme (and alarming) aspects of my feminist self than hair.
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