aelfthrytha (aelfthrytha) wrote,

Body Hair

That's right, you read the title correctly. Body hair - I'm very passionate about it, mostly about mine. I haven't shaved on a regular basis in about five years now, and so I've listened to a wide gamut of responses to my choice, including:

People will think you're weird, so you should shave.

You'll never get a boyfriend like that.

Wide eyed stares by: small children and guys trying to check me out.

You should shave, because it's (choose all that apply): dirty, unnatural, unappealing, unattractive, unfeminine, or demonstrative of a low standard of caring about yourself.

Obviously I don't agree with any of these arguments (if you can call them that, they're so flimsy), because my hair is staying, unless I get a whim to cut it off once in a while. Because in this case, I am a 'choice' feminist, and sometimes I do feel like shaving - just not all the time. Hence the choice part - what matters is not keeping the hair all of the time to enforce my standard, but being able to do both when and how I feel like it.

Another benefit: I can weed out potential partners more easily - anyone who would freak out over a little (or a lot) of hair and lose interest, they were never really interested in me anyway, because there are far more extreme (and alarming) aspects of my feminist self than hair.
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great entry. it's how i feel about my hairy feminist self, too.

what do you mean by this though?

" this case, I am a 'choice' feminist..."

what are you in all other cases? speaking of which, we never really did discuss what brand of feminism you identify with, if any.
I enjoy people who think that it's unnatural. It's growing there, it's natural. What's unnatural is shaving it off. I stopped shaving my legs after a discussion in Dr. Myers' cultural anthro class where we named the reasons that people shaved their legs. None of them were good ones.
You should read some of the girls who think they have to shave their pubic hair before going to a gyno. It's very sad how we think that body hair is gross. We're mammals, it's supposed to be there. I always tell girls who think that body hair on men (chest hair esp.) is gross that it's a result of testosterone, and therefore a very good thing.
"'s a result of testosterone, and therefore a very good thing."


i don't know who you are, but you both crack me up, and, in my humble opinion, miss the point.
Which point?
If hair is dirty, why don't they want us to shave our heads?